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December 2016
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Cupcakes on Walnut?

I wandered in there yesterday and left feeling unimpressed and ripped off. What do you guys think? Just curious....


I haven't tried it yet, but I'm curious to hear reviews.

On a related note, I was pleased with the snackies I picked up from La Panaderia on Neil recently, and the prices there are a good bit lower than Pekara and other downtown places (maybe lower overhead further from downtown?).

Double yum for La Panaderia!! Excellent, affordable, very nice people! I am giving the cupcake place a couple of weeks before I try them so they can work out the kinks as I have heard they were dry and not exactly enchanting. I agree with this blog post, the fad of cupcakes has officially jumped the shark.
And did you see the latest Alton Brown episode? He lampoons the trend of cupcake bakeries.

It *does* seem a little late to jump on the cupcake bandwagon -- it will be interesting to see how the place does. I agree that giving them a couple of weeks to iron out the kinks makes sense.

Expensive, yes, but so delicious! Best chocolate cupcake I've ever had!

I went on the first day. The shop is super cute. The owners seem nice. The cupcakes were drier than I would have liked.

This post made me want to have more cupcakes so I just went back and they were CLOSED! At 2:30 on a Wednesday. Thumbs down.

Well, the newspaper said they'd be open in the morning and in the evenings and for the bar/after-bar crowd. Mid-afternoon is probably when they need to rest.

I went on Sunday and thought it was great. The sign on the door said they closed at 7:00 on Sundays, which happened to be the exact time that we wandered in, but a lot of people were still there, so I went to the counter to ask if they were closing. The woman behind the counter was super-friendly and I sort of got from her the impression that anytime there were still customers after closing time, they would stick it out and stay open.

We each got a 12 ounce coffee and a big cupcake and I think the cost was under $5 apiece - pretty typical pricing for quality caffeine + confection in this town. My friend's cupcake was perfect (chocolate with caramel frosting). My frosting (butter-cream?) was perfect but the cupcake itself (red velvet) was a little dry. I suspect this was because it was nearing the end of its shelf-life - they were closing and thus weren't replenishing their stocks with more cupcakes. If it'd been made just an hour later I suspect it would have been perfect.

Oh - they get props from me because they also sell sweet liqueurs, kid cereal, and shots of chocolate milk.

I liked the idea...

I liked the idea and the owner until she went for image over substance. I understand that is trendy to do the cupcake bar and I at first helped to design the lighting which was very energy efficient. Then she changed her mind and with a far inferior lighting plan to save maybe $200 bucks. i still felt obliged to try her goods and support local business, so I tried her wares...That is when I realized that although it is a fun idea, the owner cares more for style than quality and in my opinion the cupcakes I had at Sweet Betsy's in Chicago were far superior in most every aspect than hers.

Re: I liked the idea...

Aah, yes. I noticed they had taken down their post in their blog about the recycled materials they were using (stools, etc.) and that sort of thing.