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License Plate Sticker Renewal

Oops, mid June and I forgot to mail in the sticker renewal to the DMV. It expires June 30 and I'm leaving on a road trip July 8.

Does anybody know of any banks that sell them anymore? Busey used to -but no more.


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Cant you go to the DMV itself and do it there?

Yeah, I always just go to the DMV on Bradley and renew it in person.

Most banks charge for the sticker if you don't have one of their upper tier accounts. DMV is free, and you can get it in any county...doesn't have to be Champaign. Tuscola, if its on your way, hardly ever has waiting times.

Just go to the DMV, you pay, they give. It's a give and take relationship. ;-)

(just had to do the same thing)

There's a separate line at the DMV for sticker renewal and registration. The wait is usually minimal.

unless you go the last 2-3 days of the month. i went with my dad once and waited 20 minutes. when i had to get mine done, middle of the month, in and out.

Millionth response to go the DMV on Bradley..

I will say the wait is almost always non-existent in my experience (has never renewed my plates on time and has to rush to the DMV every year).

When you go in, it's directly to your right.. the farthest desk on the right is where you pay.

I was trying avoid the DMV -financial timing of it.

The boyfriend is flying in from England the 30th (a Monday). DMV is closed on Monday and I don't want to drag him to the DMV his first day back. We're leaving town 1 day later, so I don't mind paying a couple of $ to avoid the whole DMV hassle of it all.

Hence the need for a bank or license service I may be able to do the Friday before the weekend.

Any thoughts other than the DMV?

If you have the renewal information they sent you in the mail, do it online. It's the best way because you don't actually have to go into the DMV (which is always good). The website is http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com . They will send you an email to print out until they mail you the sticker.

I have the renewal they sent in the mail and read the website, but it clearly states you should leave 30 days (20 possibly if you file online. And they don't take debit cards, only credit) to receive your sticker. Already past that time frame I'm afraid. Plus, it still leaves me with the financial timing of it. I just want to go to a bank on Friday the 27th and walk out with my sticker.

Still looking for a bank :-)

Nah you are stuck with the DSF. Banks used to do it, I've gotten stickers there years ago, but I guess it wasnt worth the administrative overhead for the state.

It's not like you'll be in line for hours, at least in champaign county. It's a quick painfree process especially if you smile, have paperwork ready and can speak english.

I thought most insurance companies will renew your stickers as well. I know at least with AAA they'll do it and you don't have to bother with the DMV.

Freestar (the bank that took over 3 Main Street Trust branches before the Busey merger) sell them.

There are Freestar branches in the County Market on Philo in Urbana, one on Broadway just south of University also in Urbana, and at Wright and Green in Champaign.

Edit: I think there may be one more branch, but can't remember where it is...

Edited at 2008-06-11 07:57 am (UTC)


I just called Freestar and they do sell them. They want cash if you don't have an account with them and charge a $5.50, but it's good to know especially if you let your tag run out on a Monday since the DMV isn't open on Mondays.

And better yet -there's one of them right across the street from my house.

Thanks so much!

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