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Book of Mirrors [userpic]

I offer this as information only. Whether or not you choose to attend, based on your support or disagreement with this cause, is up to you. Either way, it seems like an important current event that should be shared so all can have the opportunity to make their own views heard.


Occupy Champaign-Urbana March and Rally 10/15
Saturday, October 15 · 11:30am - 10:00pm

WEFT to West Side Park
113 N Market St (WEFT)
Champaign, IL

This march and rally is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in NYC. Please bring protest signs and any other items you feel will be needed for the duration of the rally.

11:30am--Folks are to meet at WEFT in preparation of the march. Approximately 15 or 20 minutes later we will start marching to West Side Park (staying on the sidewalks) with the intention of getting there at noon.

12:00noon--We will arrive at West Side Park where there will be a rally (details TBA).

If you don't wish to or can't walk in the march, please plan to meet up at the rally in WSP at noon.

We Americans have sat silently for too long letting the top 1% decide on the direction America will take. Now is the time to stand up and let our voices be heard. WE ARE THE 99%!

The rally will continue for an unknown period of time.

FB event page:


Thank you.

"To thine own self be true."
William Shakespeare

Shangri-La's Child [userpic]

Does anyone use AT&T internet in Savoy? I'm getting frustrated with Comcast and wasn't sure if they were a good alternative as far as internet speed. I'm near the airport as far as more specific location.

Your E-Frend [userpic]

HELLOOOOOO OUT THERE IN LIVEJOURNAL LAND. Have I got some things to do for you.

Friday night, the band Stellar Days will be playing at White Horse on Green and Second for no, I repeat NO cover! I believe they go on around 9:30. They sound like a party where you can hear each other talk -- they do acoustic rock. You can give them a listen here on the ever confusing Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/stellardays

Saturday starting at noon, the 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands will be occurring at Route 45 Wayside Neighborhood Bar down in Pesotum.

hay look a poster they made with tiny fucking lettering I'm hotlinking from facebook

I strongly suspect it may be the only bar in that town. Outdoor beer garden and sand volleyball court is at your disposal as well as a nice menu for noms. Pesotum is about fifteen miles south of good ol' Chambana, and this promises to be quite the show. Like Country? Great! Come in the afternoon for a country line-up of Runnin' on Empty and Ashley Edwards & Prairieland Rebels, starting at 4. More into the rock thing? EVEN BETTER. This Battle is proving to be a rock sandwich, with cover band Stone-faced followed by Full Throttle, then later at 8 will be Altria and Eclipse. Now I would like to say that you should especially focus on Altria and its especially hot songstress who has a penchant for wearing corsets and belting it out with the best of the boys who I may or may not be.

altria at memphis on main steph looking like aww hell naw!

The Battle will have a cover of 5 dollars to go towards paying each band, and you the crowd will vote on who the heck gets to be crowned winner and champ-een of the Battle. THE POWER IS YOURS!

(Age limit is 18, despite what the poster says. I spoke with the owner and he's down for youngsters who are legal adults to come party with us.)

x-posted to reddit because i am a nerdy, nerdy whore.

Nina [userpic]

Hey everyone! In need of recommendations again!

My wedding is coming up quickly! My bridesmaids are all coming in from out of town/state, so I'd love to treat them to a little something relaxing before the wedding.
Does anyone know of a good place to get manicures and pedicures? While I'm from the C-U area, I've honestly never had either done so I don't know what places are good. =\ I'd PREFER someplace that does walk-ins, and would be able to for a small group (4-5 people), but I'm willing to make an appointment if necessary. I also need the place to be clean- sanitizing their equipment and changing their foot bathes after each use (as they should be doing). I am also on a bit of a budget since I'm paying for everyone, so I'd prefer not going to some big-name salon.


Current Mood: busybusy
kimanya [userpic]

Hi All :))

I need help! A year ago or so I bought an amazing bead bracelet and ear rings set on Saturday farmers market. Pictures are below. Now my friend wants to have the same set but I can't find master's business card :(( I am not in Urbana area now and not sure how to find the woman who made it. I thought may be someone knows her or her work :))
Thanks in advance!

pictures of the setCollapse )

Book of Mirrors [userpic]

...the best cheesecake in town?

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Looking for recommendations for a stylist or salon for a full foil.  There was nothing recent in the memories.  I'm looking to try someone new and trying to minimize risk.


Many thanks!

Shangri-La's Child [userpic]

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I should go to buy a good but cheap new washing machine? I don't need anything fancy and need to go low price but I'm not willing to risk buying used right now after having dealt with several bad used ones this month.

glass_music_cup [userpic]

I am seriously really depressed by how hard job searching has been. If you have seen any hiring signs around Champaign, let me know. I am going to work any jobs I can until I find one fitting for my degree...

spygrl1 [userpic]

My friend left behind a box (the kind that reams of paper come in) of various contemporary (2008 and newer) DC comics (Superman, Green Lantern, other misc). In very good condition. Anyone interested in making an offer on the whole box (I don't want to sell them singly) can email me at spygrl1@yahoo.com.  

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